Wednesday 26 November 2014
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The Arch London: you are going to love it!

Do you plan of being jetsetters this summer by making short-stay trips in European capitals? Then you are going to love London! While others only have eyes for the Olympic Games, you are going to enjoy the best local spots almost by yourself. For your stay, book a room at the Arch London, an [...]


Parisian Moments

Let's talk about it

2012 best Charming Hotel: The Grand Hotel Français rewarded!

While the director of the Grand Hotel Français and Doré ended finalist at the last hospitality awards, he was also rewarded at the 2nd edition of the hospitality and catering clients contest, by getting the price of the 2012 Best Charming Hotel. An occasion to thank all the fans of the Grand Hotel Français, [...]

Pershing Hall gets a 5th star

The information is fresh out of the oven. It’s a fact, the sublime Pershing Hall enters the close circle of Parisian 5 star hotels! This way, it joins the prestigious list where we find the Mandarin Oriental, the Burgundy, and the Meurice. With its impressing vertical plant wall, its design and its hard to [...]

Hotels and stars

Palazzo Margherita: the new jewel of Francis Ford Coppola

On Hoosta magazine, we already talked about director Francis Ford Coppola. Far from being only a wine lover, he’s also a hotel business passionate. He’s opened several establishments throughout the world, in Argentine, Guatemala and Belize. His new pearl is located in a little village in Italy, Bernalda, where his grandfather comes from. The [...]

DJ Bijal opens his hotel

In the hip-hop world, everyone knows DJ Bijal. After spending a lot of time traveling and going from one hotel to another, and mostly, after being a lot of times disappointed, he had the idea of opening his own hotel! Since mid-May, it’s a done deal in New York, in Brooklyn to be precise. [...]

Paris what’s hot ?

The precious jewelry of the Cadran Hotel

Since November 16th, the girly and gourmet Cadran Hotel, welcomes a jewelry exhibition signed by the designer Sylvia Corette. Timeless, easy to wear (day or night), they adorn themselves with emeralds, sapphires or diamonds. Each presented jewel is unique, and can be custom on demand. So if you fall for a nice bracelet, but [...]

The Jeanne d’Arc welcomes pin ups!

After having welcomed the voice sculptor Gilles Azzaro, The Jeanne d’Arc Hotel continues its crazy creative race exhibiting this time the works of an artist collective initiated by the luscious Lillie contre les lutins (Lillie against the goblins). Glamour, vintage, and sparkles, here is the program made to prepare the Christmas celebrations on a [...]

City in sight

Karin Kopano, General Manager of Gansevoort Park, New York

I met Karin in New York at the beginning of may. She is the General Manager of the new hotel sensation in N.Y.C. : The Gansevoort Park, home of celebrities, regarding travellers and business people in the know. We spent nearly an hour talking about life, New York, her hotel and… photography, her new [...]

Olivier Lordonnois, general manager of the Mark Hotel, New York City

Looking like a nimble-minded juvenile lead, Olivier Lordonnois is the general manager of the Mark Hotel, a legendary hotel from New York City, recently entirely restored. He tells us more about his luxurious building and passionately talks about his job, answering with a good sense of humor to some of the most private questions [...]

Dagmar and Guy Lombard, an elegant couple of hosts

Le Toiny Hotel, a luxurious and intimate place to relax in Saint Barthélemy
When Dagmar welcomes us from his huge terrace with view on the ocean, we only want one thing: let ourselves go and relax in this privileged place, wishing to sit in the comfortable pillows, to have a look at the blue and [...]

Ladies, Bring your Son to Brussels

By Cécile Jayet, Editor in Chief

Inhabitants of Brussels say often that everybody know each other and go to the same places. But they forget to say that only a small part of them lives downtown, and the Belgian capital is divided in 19 municipalities, independents from each other as small villages. At first sight [...]

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