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Christmas / New Year’s Eve in Paris: Nine Parisian Girls Give you Trendy Tips!

• 16 Dec, 2011 • Catégorie: Paris what’s hot ?, Top stories

What if we spent Christmas in Paris this year? Either trendy, romantic or arty, green, authentic or creative, the City of Lights is also modern, greedy and multicultural. A great opportunity to discover the Paris of real Parisian girls, and to take sides, in order to spend exclusive and fairy end-of-the-year festivities! Visit this way…


My Trendy Paris
By Laura, 24

My Paris is the trendy Paris, the one of fashion and hype places, of dandys and smart women. I love this sense of detail, this je-ne-sais-quoi both glamourous and nonchalant which gives to Parisian people their inimitable look. Both inspired by the classic charm of the City of Lights and influenced by the latest design trends, the 20 Prieuré Hotel is THE place where to immerse in this uncial atmosphere! Now is the right time to discover this cosy 3-star hotel located between the Marais and Republique. For Yuletide, the 20PH (as named by regulars) offer two exceptional deals: a 15% discount when booking on the blog with the code EXCLU2012, and a Shopping package to benefit from reductions in its favorite outlets! What about my own Christmas wishlist? A fluorescent apron made of grey Toile de Jouy La Cocotte , the fragrance « Nöel au balcon » by Etat Libre d’Orange , and a watch Too Late (sold at Bewatch , the trendy watchmaker’s of the Marais), not to miss the old clock chiming midnight when I celebrate NYE at the Oga , the wild-chic restaurant of rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud!



My Arty Paris
By Amy, 31

Paris will be Paris! As for me, the City of Lights has always been the City of Arts. When drinking coffee, I keep meeting Cocteau, Prévert, Duchamp, Mondrian… I like to cross the Seine on the Pont des Arts, in front of the Louvre . Even though Paris is lined with masterpieces, it doesn’t make it a museum city. A powerful dynamism livens up its streets which are filled with concept stores and showrooms of wild designers. Which places wouldn’t I miss for the world? Auguste where I discover the current exhibition and bring back an item in limited edition, the Gagosian Gallery to enjoy a work of Damien Hirst, Richard Serra or finally to see a real Warhol. Before going back to the hotel, I rush at Patrick Roger to purchase a box of his famous chocolates that he sculpts as masterpieces… My kids and husband will just love them! I benefited from the Christmas in family package that the Elysées Mermoz Hotel suggests to make them discover my Arty Paris, and with the €100 saved on our stay, I’m gonna spoil them!



My Romantic Paris
By Cécile

If you’re dreaming of spending New Year’s Eve alone with your lover, choose Paris and put your heart into it. The City of Lights is the best place on Earth to enter a new year saying je t’aime . Everything is so similar to a movie and the Christmas lights are a delight to the eye. There is not one window shop, one monument or one avenue that doesn’t shine. To declare your love, the upper-crust jewelries of Rue de la Paix welcome you formally dressed; at the 6th and last floor of the Centre Pompidou, the Georges restaurant gives you Paris on a plate; the bateaux mouches cross the Seine night and day to get to Notre Dame Cathedral ; in the Ile Saint-Louis, the Hotel du Jeu de Paume , beautiful building of the 17th century, offers to extend New Year’s Eve drinking French Champagne. Magical. To book this « Happy Holidays Pack » from €292 per night, here it is!



My Greedy Paris
By Sandy, 25

What would Paris be without all of its greedy addresses? This capital is an ode to greediness, and yet, Parisian women are so slim-waisted! At every corner, we are tempted by ice-cream makers as Berthillon , but also by chocolate makers and pastries to die for! This is why, as soon as I can, I get to my favorite hotel, the Cadran Hotel near the Eiffel Tower. After a stopover at its girly and tangy chocolate bar, I am strong enough to wander down this greedy Paris that I love so much. By the way, for any stay between December 18th 2011 and January 18th 2012, benefit from a 15% discount on the chocolate bar at the hotel. You just need to enter the code “BAR CHOCOLAT” in the section “commentaries” during your reservation on the Cadran Hotel website. Then my saga can start at the Fromagerie Cantin , right next to the hotel. Once some Comté and Morbier purchased, I rush to La Chambre aux Confitures to dig out black pinot cheese jam (a real treat). For dessert, I go to Ladurée , because I am way unable to resist their rose or orange blossom macaroons! Finally, at the Galeries Lafayette Maison, I discover what are the novelties of Joseph Joseph , the brand of the funniest kitchenware I know! FYI, for Christmas, I fell for Vinyl counters, so vintage.



My Creative Paris
By Dominique Planche, 40

My hotel, my home, my city refuge when I’m in Paris, is the Jeanne d’Arc Hotel (). What I like the most: the antique stairway, the overview on the roofs and the breakfast room where there is sometimes an exhibition. What I dislike: make my luggage to leave the hotel! This big house is a bit like my adoptive family, my cocoon nestled in the heart of the Marais. I get to, with pleasure, the Place des Vosges and its galleries, my favorite restaurant mixing Brasilian and Lebannon food, the Aréa , for lunch and for Lydie and her warm welcome. In the rue de Jarente, there are two of my favorite outlets: Ecrin de mode , a consignment shop of luxury clothes, bags, shoes and cheap accessories with Sarah, her Southern accent and her expert eye, and The Little Shop very colorful, owned by Marco, who is also the interior designer and who shows the latest artists’ creations. Everything is close to the hotel, by foot, and especially the exhibitions of the Hotel de Ville where we can see a retrospective dedicated to Sempé currently. A wonderful address.



My Authentic Paris
By Mélodie, 23

People used to call Paris the capital of Fashion or the romantic city. Clichés are over, it’s time to tell you the truth about Paris, the real Paris! First of all, I have to present you my favorite hotel in Paris : The Grand Hotel Français , that teaches everybody the French elegance and refinement. It is located in the 11th arrondissement, and surrounded by craftsmen and inhabitants that livens up the district. For any reservation until January 16th , 2012, 15% off at the O’kari hammam are provided, perfect occasion for girls who want to relax before or after the festive season. Once your baggage are in your room, come to discover the Mixing Club the shop that matches antique furniture and original creations for a unique interior. For lunch, go to Septime this restaurant prepares tasty wonders in a simple decor. The Cabinet d’amateur is a real cultural breeding ground with all its gorgeous exhibitions. Finally, to enjoy burlesques nights, dash off to the vintage bistro Chez Justine.



My Modern Paris
By Célia, 21

Of course we love Paris for its Haussmann buildings and its historical monuments. But as every metropolis, Paris is constantly changing without forgetting its past. In the 12th arrondissement, this modernity is ever-present. Perfect representation of the contemporary Paris, my favorite hotel, the Grand Hotel Doré, is a familial establishment that knows how to alternate between tradition and contemporaneity. Furthermore, the district is full of activities. Strolling around, don’t hesitate to have a look at “Mémoires du futur”, by the German art collector Thomas Olbricht at the Maison Rouge . Have a break at 51, the unusual brasserie of the Cinémathèque Française . Then, to burn all these calories softly, The Maison Popincourt welcomes you for an aqua-biking session, the new sport so trendy! Finally, don’t forget to indulge yourself, making a detour via Arteum , the last design concept store, true gold mine, especially during the festive season.
For any reservation until January 16th, 2012, 15% off at the O’kari hammam are provided, perfect occasion for girls who want to chill out before or after the festive season.



My Green Chic Paris
By Charlotte, 24

Parisians are more and more aware of the environment issue: ride with velib’, ethical shopping and daily eco-friendly acts. Two eco-friendly hotels have been opened in the 16th arrondissement: The Eiffel Trocadéro Hotel and The Gavarni Hotel. It would be useless to say that they are my favorite Parisian hotels. I think more precisely of the Deluxe Twin room at the Gavarni, and the Superior View at the Eiffel Trocadéro with its breathtaking view on the Eiffel Tower. As I am a real thrill seeker, I have an address book full with the upper-crest green places of Paris. The good news is that I agree to share them with you, so follow me! I dash off to R Vegetal my favorite ethical hairdresser. Then, let’s go to one of the shop that sells Leila Hafzi clothes . Her dresses are both eco-friendly and sumptuous. At 12 pm, it’s time to sit and eat, and we choose Boco , this concept restaurant whose cheesecake mango-passion fruit is simply amazing. Finally I think of my father-in-law and I stop at Les Meilleurs Vins Bio you guess why! Merry Christmas!



My Little Italy in Paris
By Claire, 21

My own Paris is not the one of the baguette and the beret, I prefer the unlimited Paris! Food lover for ever, my little weakness is for Italian food. While temperature is going deeply down nothing is better than a detour via La Pizzetta Più Grande to get warm and enjoy Italian specialties or their menu “Special Filles”! Especially that they honor the White Truffle right now. ) And, because cookery is not for chefs only, the Salumeria is a grocery that displays regional products made in Italy! For a girl break, go to Coutume Café where the waiters draw heart and flowers in froth of your coffee beverage, they call it the Latte Art! Once you’re ok, walk in the neighborhood to clean out the avenue Montaigne and its Italian Haute Couture stores. To finish in style the Nouveau Latina is the perfect place, this cinema arthouse makes you discover the last film of the boot.


Breaking News: Every Sundays La Trattoria Il Circolo suggests a substantial Italian brunch from January 2012. I’m ready to go!

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