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Yann Casparini

Mareuil Hotel: naturally Parisian

• 23 Jul, 2012 • Catégorie: Blogs

New to the Parisian hotel landscape, the Mareuil will open its doors during summer 2012. While waiting to discover its rooms, and the fitness and wellbeing spaces, the hotel invites us to discover the capital, and it’s up to us to stroll the pretty areas that surround it.

Travel on five continents at 3.14 Hotel, Cannes

• 27 Apr, 2009 • Catégorie: One hotel a day, Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur, Romantic

The 3.14 Hotel is the dream of a traveler who is taking shape. Daughter of a long-haul airline pilot, Karine Ellena-Partouche traveled around the world since childhood. Today, she brings together in one place, the civilizations she crossed by during her travels. From Asia to Europe, the five continents meet in her hotel in Cannes [...]

Berns Hotel: a trip out of time in Sweden

• 10 Apr, 2009 • Catégorie: One hotel a day, Sweden

When we discovered the beautiful lobby of Berns hotel, we were surprised by the design and the purity of the Swedish characteristic in this establishment. Gray marble, sobriety, well chosen antique furniture. An almost cold interior that hides a universe much cozier in its rooms of this luxury hotel located in the central of Stockholm.

Our [...]

Hotel in Graz, Austria: when luxury meets contemporary art

• 17 Feb, 2009 • Catégorie: Austria, One hotel a day

Augartenhotel is an address for contemporary art lovers. Luxurious and modern, it offers the opportunity to discover paintings and photographs, inspiring artistic productions, from the four corners of the world. An art gallery hotel which is a creative masterpiece of a contemporary hotelier.

Loft-style with modern columns, the light color wood flooring and large industrial windows, [...]

Hotel Square, Paris: a rough elegance

• 30 Jan, 2009 • Catégorie: One hotel a day, Paris

Back to a typical hotel in the 16th district, near the Eiffel Tower. Opened in 1997, Hotel Square is a specific, wild and attractive address. Behind the round Indian green granite facade, 22 rooms are arranged on two floors overlooking the Seine River. Harmonious colours, contemporary furniture, dark wood, Carrara’s marble, these elements that contrast [...]

Fontana Park Hotel: ebony color hotel in Lisbon

• 29 Jan, 2009 • Catégorie: One hotel a day, Portugal

First boutique hotel located in Lisbon, the Fontana Park Hotel surprises everyone with its own class. A risk taken by its designer Francisco Aires Mateus to choose black as the dominant colour of the premises has given certain elegance to each room in the hotel, which is situated in the business and leisure district of [...]

The g: a letter, a hotel in Galway, Irlande

• 27 Jan, 2009 • Catégorie: Ireland, One hotel a day

Looking for a seducing hotel? Check out The g designed by Philip Treacy, a Galway’s originated. This is an exciting and glamorous hotel, which overlooks the Bay of Ireland. A hotel with a psychedelic atmosphere, that will definitely plunge us into a 50s film; a hushed, purple velvet and soft Hollywood.

The hotel is divided into [...]

Mixed atmosphere in an old printing in Marseille

• 22 Jan, 2009 • Catégorie: One hotel a day, Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur

Designed by Annick Lestrohan, founder of the fashion and design brand Honoré, Casa Honore is a guest house with 4 rooms in the heart of Marseille. Surprisingly, this building is a renovated former printing house renovated Lestrohan style between contemporary and exotic. From the green around which the whole house is structured, the lady of [...]

Business travel: design and modern hotel in Casablanca

• 20 Jan, 2009 • Catégorie: Morocco, One hotel a day

Located in the district of Moulay Youssef in Casablanca, near the Sacre Coeur Church and the old Medina, the JM Suites Hotel is surrounded by many museums, shops, restaurants and cafes. It’s an ideal location in the heart of the business district for a contemporary hotel that will appeal to modern travelers in search of [...]

Luna2 private hotel, Bali

• 15 Jan, 2009 • Catégorie: Indonesia, One hotel a day, Waterfront

With its retro-modernism pop style, the Luna2 Private Hotel is heightened with a total funky atmosphere conceived and staged by the English designer Melanie Hall and the American architect David Wahl. In front of it: Seminyak Beach, the 5 rooms of the hotel are fully-equipped with high-tech services such as: Mac computer, Xbox, iPod and [...]

Hi Hotel: nine ways to live in a design hotel

• 14 Jan, 2009 • Catégorie: One hotel a day, Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur

When a hotel decides to revolutionize the codes of the luxury hotel design industry, this gives the Hi Hotel in Nice. Bold, urban, innovative the Hi Hotel is not afraid to get involved in experimental design, where the modern urban nomad dear to Hoosta is honored. The concept? Rethink the space, redefine the function of [...]